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Measuring Sales Performance – Would You Drive without a Dashboard?

When you drive a car there a multitude of processes that must happen inside your vehicle to make sure you don’t breakdown such as proper compression, thermostat function, good fuel mixture, etc.  It would of course be impossible to constantly monitor all of these functions.  But we do pay attention to a few critical functions that if left out of tolerance will leave you on the side of the road and seriously damage the vehicle like fuel level, vehicle speed, oil level, and engine temperature.  These critical indicators are positioned on our dashboard for constant monitoring. Businesses also have an innumerable number of Performance Indicators… Read More »Measuring Sales Performance – Would You Drive without a Dashboard?

Why a Customer Would Cherish a Salesperson

The heart of any sale is contained in the quality of relationship between the buyer and the seller.  Sales relationships are hard to form and take time. Once formed they are easy to maintain if you pay attention and make investments into the relationship.  Over a decade ago, while working for a large tech company, one of my technicians expressed to me that my efforts to build customer relationships were a waste of time. How wrong he was. There is good business reason to have a strong relationship with your customer. When trust is established, the perception of risk is reduced. And when you are perceived… Read More »Why a Customer Would Cherish a Salesperson