How do I fix my sales?

Great People + Great Sales Process = Great Sales Results

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process,
you don’t know what you’re doing.”

W. Edwards Deming

Fix Your Sales

How it Works

Our SalesBuilder™️ process assesses and develops the most critical components of successful sales. We believe in the Kaizen philosophy, that sustained incremental changes in the right areas have a multiplying effect. We work with our clients collaboratively to design a fully operational, customized sales system that produces repeatable, consistent results. We also see employees transform into high-performing, motivated, and positive sales teams! 

Sales Growth.

Our Sales Builder™️ process drives revenue growth

Baseline Assessments

Before we can plot our course, we need to get to know you, your people, your resources and your business. We will start our engagement with assessments and interviews that will provide our starting point and baseline your performance.  It will show us the resources we have to leverage and the gaps we need to fill.  We will set service goals and track result metrics throughout our engagement. 

Sales Leadership

Sales Leadership is at the top of our wheel for good reason. A high performance sales system that produces consistent results requires strong, consistent leadership. We will work together to develop the policies and best practices that will drive performance in your sales system.


Choosing the right sales strategies is a critical part of penetrating your market and winning over your competition. We will use your baseline assessments to brainstorm and develop sales strategies then select and prioritize. We will understand how you are getting your current leads and take action to improve the quality and quantity of leads in your lead gen process.


Sales training and coaching are both great ways to improve individual sales performance. We also know that when the right people are aligned in the right jobs, success soars. We will use our proprietary hiring methodology to make sure that future sales hires have the right “sales DNA”.


Without a documented sales process, you are flying blind. A well-designed sales process builds credibility, trust and properly educates the customer so that when the buying decision is made you win the business. It is critical to analyze each step of the process to measure performance and identify process bottlenecks and individual performance challenges, such as qualifying, presenting or closing.

Compensation Plans

The compensation plan dictates the behaviors of your sales staff. If you have a poorly designed compensation plan, sales will suffer. Using fundamental sales principles, we will set appropriate individual sales targets and make sure that sales staff compensated for the desired behaviors while remaining accountable.


Sales is useless without a compelling message that differentiates you from your competition. If you don’t have a value proposition or need to improve the one you have, we will work together to develop messaging that sells and that can be consistently embedded in verbal, electronic and hard copy communications by all your staff.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

One of the most profound changes in B2B sales in the last few decades has been automation. Customer Relationship Management systems have allowed us to be more productive, manage sales teams better and provide exceptional customer services.  We will look at overlaying a CRM system to automate the processes we develop together or tweak the one you already have for maximum performance.

When you have the right people following a well-designed sales process, amazing changes start to happen.

 Sales teams become more motivated and productive.

Your sales staff will understand what they need to do every day to succeed. When everyone knows what is expected of them it takes the guesswork out of their job, making them more engaged and more motivated.

Get time back in your schedule.

With revenues increasing and sales under control, you as the business leader will have more time to focus on other important activities. 

“Excellence is a continuous process.
Not an accident.”

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

11th President of India

Our Story.

Who we are.

In 1989, Doug Riffenburgh entered IBM sales school, a 14-month intensive sales training program that would shape Doug’s outlook on sales and business for the rest of his life.

In the years to follow, he interfaced with hundreds of companies. Time and again, he was shocked to see that a majority of companies struggled with sales because they had not applied basic sales fundamentals. What made matters worse, is that many business owners just couldn’t afford to hire a full-time Sales Manager or VP.

Doug knew that just a little bit of help in key areas could make all the difference.

Riffenburgh Partners is on a mission to help small businesses.

Together with partners Deborah Stilt and Christy Falkenberg, Doug has created a system to help business owners and CEOs implement key processes to help sales and revenues grow and thrive.

Our core values include:


We practice transparency and honesty with
every one of our clients, operating with
understanding and authenticity.


Through quality service, measurable ROI, and precise application of the tools needed at the right time.
For your sales success.


We recognize the unique business culture of each client. That's why we customize our services to align with our client’s sales and business goals.


Strong leadership within our own organization drives our own success. As a result, we deliver results to our clients and their teams.

Sales Strategists

Meet Our Team

Meet Doug Riffenburgh

Doug has a 20 year history of business development with world class organizations like IBM, Xerox, and Save the Children Federation.  As a result, he brings world class business process and best practices to his client environments.

Doug’s sales and marketing years at IBM and Xerox provided an opportunity to enrich his understanding of fundamental sales principles. Over his career, he has engaged with organizations of all sizes and types and worked with a variety of management styles and cultures. 

Passionate about building businesses and growing revenue for his clients, Doug is a strategist and loves the game of sales.

His philosophy is to “work hard and celebrate”. He believes that work can be fun, especially when you are creating in it, and winning.

Meet Deborah Stilt

Debbie heads up our profit recovery department. 

Coming from Fortune 500 sales, Debbie is a valuable asset to our clients and to our team.  She understands the sales process intimately and is an expert at customer messaging and communication.

Deborah’s previous sales success was rooted in effective qualification, building authentic customer relationships, and strategic selling. 

Debbie would tell you “I’m good at my job because I care about people”. And we are certain our clients agree.

Meet Christy Falkenberg

Christy is our digital marketing partner. 

We know the digital marketing space, often termed “the Wild West”, is constantly evolving and challenging to navigate.  We needed a specialist who is not a follower but a leader. Someone who can flex, adapt, and continue to drive results for our clients regardless of the sudden shifts in the digital marketplace.

That’s where Christy Comes in.  She brings the unique combination of more than 20 years of sales leadership experience in the financial sector combined with her digital marketing expertise to our clients. 

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