Sales leadership – Know Your Style. Know Yourself.

Doug Riffenburgh

Doug Riffenburgh

Expert in Sales Leadership Excellence

Research shows that when we are clear about how we communicate and behave, we are more creative, more confident and more effective at making decisions. 

It’s why as a sales leadership expert working with my clients, our very first step is in assessing the business owners’ leadership style.  This leadership assessment clearly and accurately shows my client his or her behavioral and communication styles.  This powerful look into the “leadership mirror” is an enlightening experience, but it also takes courage to sideline the ego and take a hard look at our gifts and limitations.

There is a general consensus by experts that there are two kinds of self-awareness.  Inner self-awareness is how we see ourselves interacting with people and our environment.  Outer self-awareness is how we believe we are perceived by others when we interface with our world.  Research suggests that when there is truth in alignment, that is, when others see us in the same manner in which we see ourselves, we tend to have better relationships with our employees and we are seen as a more effective leader.

Personal and leadership assessments such as DISC and Strength Finder have been around for decades, but in my opinion, they are underutilized.  They are powerful and effective tools that can improve hiring, managing, and building strong teams. Successful leaders use them to build self-awareness and to capitalize on the many rewards they deliver.